Mission & Vision

iStock_000010210756_FullWe provide comfort and care in a family environment

Values of Mill Cove Nursing Home

As a Board of Directors and Staff we are committed:

  • To create a caring community that is inclusive and family oriented.
  • To respect the dignity of, and treat with integrity & respect, each individual.
  • To recognize that each resident is a unique individual deserving of a personal touch.
  • To keep our residents active, safe and comfortable in a welcoming home-like setting.
  •  To reach out to families and the community to make them part of the Mill Cove   experience.
  • To cherish and support the role of volunteers in our community.
  • To provide high quality staff and services within the financial resources available.
  • To enhance the professional growth of our staff.
  • To govern & manage as a team with competence, honesty, and transparency.
  • To stay focused on our vision as we embrace the need for change. 

In all our decisions and actions, these values will guide us.