Our History

Originally known as Bethel Home, Mill Cove Nursing Home was comprised of several additions that housed many individuals from the community. Perkins House (27 residents) was built in 1963; Centennial Building (35 residents) built in 1967 and a final addition in 1975 that created home for 34 more individuals. Perkins house eventually shut down in 2008.

In 1981 Bethel Home had new ownership and was incorporated in 1982 to become Mill Cove Nursing Home, Inc.

In 2010 it was announced by the New Brunswick Provincial Government that Mill Cove Nursing Home was awarded funding for a new 65 bed facility; and in 2015 residents moved in to their new home.

Providing long term care in Mill Cove has spanned over six decades, and with it a reputation of providing quality care for its residents.

With a new facility Mill Cove Nursing Home looks to continue making history while looking forward to our future.