Our mission

In all or decisions and actions the Board of Directors and Staff are guided by these values.

“At Mill Cove Nursing Home “We Provide Comfort And Care In A​ Family Environment​”. This mission statement is our guiding principle to providing the b​est quality of life​ for our residents in a home environment. We are committed to creating a caring community that treats our residents with the respect and dignity​ as individuals that they deserve.

The Mill Cove Nursing Home team is made up of many t​alented and caring individuals ​who are committed to excellence.​ Our ​people are the heart of our community and our organization​. Together we have established an environment that is a g​reat place to work, develop and grow.​”

Daniel Gilman, Administrator

Volunteers at Mill Cove Nursing Home

Respect & Dignity: we model respect at all levels of our organization while maintaining the dignity of our residents.

Person-Centered Care: we respect residents’ rights and recognize the unique needs of the individual. We offer choices and involve residents and their families in decision making, recognizing that each resident is a unique individual deserving of a personal touch.

Safety: safety applies to every task we each perform every single day.

Quality Staff: we work together to maintain the highest quality of care and service while conducting ourselves with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Honesty & Transparency: we are committed to transparency and accountable to our staff, residents, families, and stakeholders in our planning and decision making.