Our team

The Mill Cove Nursing Home team consists of over one hundred people to provide care to your loved ones.

This includes an on-call Physician, a licensed Pharmacist, Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Assistant, and Activity Directors to fulfill resident care needs.

In addition to medical and dietary care, our wonderful housekeeping, laundry and maintenance staff work diligently to ensure our residents are living in a clean, safe and happy home.

The people behind the organization

Board of Directors

Our Mill Cove Nursing Home is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are responsible ensuring we provide the quality of service required by our residents and expected by the communities we serve.

  • Board Chair – Josh McLean
  • Vice Chair – Sheila Knight
  • Secretary – Katherine Cole
  • Treasurer – Donald Belyea
  • Carol Ann Branscombe
  • Linda Wiggins
  • Terri Dobson
  • Debbie Wickett
  • Shawn Thorne
  • Darin Clark
  • Steven Sharpe
  • Roy Kaye
  • Donna Viger

Foundation Board of Directors

Our Mill Cove Nursing Home Foundation supports initiatives that improve quality of life at our home.


  • Chair - Marilyn Young
  • Secretary - Bonnie Fearn
  • Treasurer - Della Ryder


  • Carol McLean
  • Carol Ann Branscombe
  • Linda Wiggins
  • Nancy Arnburg
  • Sheila Knight

Our Leadership Team

Jessica Chisholm

Director of Care


(506) 488-3033 ext. 245

Jessica McGarity



(506) 488-3033 ext. 231

Helen Jones

Food & Environmental Services Leader


506-488-3033 Ext. 224

Kiersten Hamilton

Office Manager


506-488-3033 ext. 229

Kathy Perrin

Interim Administrator


506-488-3033 x237

Administrative Team

Sonya Andrews



(506) 488-3033 ext. 221

Trudy Blacquier

Accounting and Payroll Clerk


506-488-3033 ext. 243