At Mill Cove we pride ourselves on helping our residents live their lives to the fullest. Our goal is to ensure that each resident can continue to participate in the activities that they have always enjoyed.

Whether that's sitting out on the patio reading, or enjoying a card game; we do our very best to make sure these services are provided, guaranteeing each imdividual resident is happy and cared for.

Our Activity Directors work diligently to ensure that our residents have the opportunity to take part in all sorts of exciting activities from music nights to special outings and game days in-between. The Resident Council meets regularly, enabling residents to make suggestions on improving any and all aspects of care in their home.

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Your home

As a resident, YOU are the most important person every day here at Mill Cove Nursing Home.

What this means

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Individual activity plans are created for each resident to ensure each resident is engaged, having fun, feeling fulfilled and living their best life!

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